UI/UX Designer

About Concept Booth

Concept Booth is a full-scale 360° communication and concept agency with gaming in its DNA. We've built and manage various projects within the national and international poker sector. We're fans of digital marketing, branding, and content creation. Be sure to check the Concept Booth website for more inspiration.

Job description

As an expert in usability and design, your greatest professional drive is to provide an unparalleled digital experience to a diverse and ever-growing group of digital fans. Your mission is to critically review all projects created and released by Concept Booth to the world, ensuring that usability gaps or complex interfaces do not hinder an exceptional user experience. In other words, you ensure there's flow. You build new projects from scratch and refine existing ones, working closely with the entire design team. You also maintain direct contact with developers to ensure that your solutions effectively become reality. In principle, you are free to use the tools you prefer, but we believe that Figma is essential in today's context.

Is there a focus project?

Currently, we are working on the realisation of a unique and ambitious project within our organisation. In our country, there are dozens of organisations involved in offering live poker events. Concept Booth collaborates very closely with Pokahnights, the largest live club poker provider in Belgium, perhaps even in Europe. So, we are perfectly aware of the challenges in the sector. Digitalization and advanced gamification. Concept Booth offers a full-scale service to simplify the life of every live poker provider and to enrich the experience of every live poker player. This is a complex project that will run over several years. Do you have the ambition and skills to ensure the common thread?

What else are we working on?

Concept Booth has experienced a steep growth in recent years and it's still going hard... exactly how we like it.

Existing projects are due for a re-make or could use a structural re-make. For example, we have the BOSS project, the Belgian Online Super Series. Started a few years ago as a birthday festival for GGPoker Belgium, today it's the biggest online poker competition in Belgium with 4 stops throughout the year, online and live streaming and extensive content creation. Needless to say, the entire digital flow of this project can be further optimized.

And this is only one project of many many more...


  • You have a connection with poker. You don't have to be a fervent player, nor do you need to be an expert. However, you should enjoy playing and have the necessary basic knowledge of the game.

  • The digital world holds no secrets for you

  • You are familiar with all the contemporary design tools

  • You possess all the needed computer skills

  • You are punctual, on time and well organized

  • You possess the necessary communication skills to function effectively within a large team.

  • You can effortlessly translate directives from your manager into results or options.

  • You have the imagination to translate the thought processes of creative minds into sleek solutions.

  • You can easily adapt to changing work conditions and workloads.

  • You don't have a 9 to 5 mentality.


We offer a competitive, customized salary package. The package consists of the following elements:
  • Monthly gross salary

  • Compensations for expenses such as transport and telecom

  • Meal vouchers

  • Holiday and year-end bonus

  • Laptop

  • Company car based on job category and seniority

  • Participation in profits based on job category, seniority, and results

  • Free food & drinks

Practical information

Email us your CV and cover letter. Once we've reviewed your application, we will respond as soon as possible. We aim to respond to each application within 2 weeks.
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