Studio GG

The challenge

Localising a global brand

GGPoker was launched in the Belgian market during the summer of 2021. It was - and still is - the ambition to differentiate itself from other players in the market through a local approach. Concept Booth developed a marketing strategy around two key core values for GGPoker Belgium: proximity and content. These two values were embodied in one location: Studio GG.

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The plan

A high-end streaming studio

State-of-the-art equipment, a multi-camera setup, and the use of professional streaming software & tools were all essential ingredients to set up the most innovative live poker streaming studio in Belgium. Many renowned Belgian poker players and guests from outside the poker world passed through the studio. Every week, multiple broadcasts were hosted in both French and Dutch.

"Studio GG was blessed to meet some remarkable personalities during the last 2 years."

Pieter Aerts

Dutch-speaking player with more than 2 million dollars in live cashes.

Thomas Boivin

French-speaking player with more than 5 million dollars in live cashes.

Felice Mazzu

Successful manager in the
Belgian football league

Dries De Bondt

Belgian cycling champion in 2020

Lior Refaelov

Winner of the "Gouden Schoen" in 2021

Aurélie Dotremont

famous reality tv-star

Nikola Lozina

Reality tv-star & influencer

Mademoiselle Luna

Famous Walloon DJ
(† 2024)

Christophe &
Matthias De Meulder

Most renowned twin brothers in the international poker scene

Manu Lecomte

Captain of the Red Lions

The result

The largest online poker streaming community

Studio GG was an excellent channel for building a community for GGPoker Belgium. It also significantly increased brand awareness among the followers of the various guests. Additionally, it was an ideal tool for highlighting ongoing campaigns on the GGPoker platform.

Unfortunately, due to a change in legislation that took effect in July 2023, Studio GG was forced to take a break. The equipment was made available to other actors in the poker scene, who continue to provide enthusiasts of the game with enjoyable content. At the moment, the studio is primarily used by Flatcallers.