Room Manager

About Concept Booth

Concept Booth is a full-scale 360° communication and concept agency with gaming in its DNA. We've built and manage various projects within the national and international poker sector. We're fans of digital marketing, branding, and content creation. Be sure to check the Concept Booth website for more inspiration.

WHy work at concept booth?

Concept Booth is a dynamic company in full expansion. You will join a competent team of creatives who strive every day to make a difference professionally. Concept Booth operates in challenging and inspiring sectors. Everyone receives the right support and, of course, appropriate compensation.

Job description

Concept Booth manages Belgium’s biggest poker club, Pokahnights. Our room is located in Wilrijk and welcomes a hundred unique players daily. Currently open 5 days a week, the club has 17 tables and offers a premium horeca experience. The room manager is the link between high-level management, from Concept Booth's offices, and the reality on the ground, at the heart of the Pokahnights team. Your task is to ensure smooth event operations within the poker room, at all levels.

Is there a main project?

The role of Room Manager is extremely varied. You keep an eye on both the operational aspects of the room and the player experience. However, a significant part of your time will be devoted to managing your team.

Some examples?

Even though the room manager doesn’t participate directly in eventing tasks, he’s regularly present in the room. Not only to check if everything is running smooth and well, but also to ensure good stock management. In case of unforeseen challenges, he is capable of reacting constructively and solution-oriented.

The room manager is in charge of the staff within the room. That means he has to take care of multiple HR tasks such as planning, training, task/function assignment, and follow-up. He’s also able to help his team when needed.

Finally, an important aspect of the Room Manager's role is to provide accurate reporting of what is happening within the room to the office team.


  • You have experience in the poker/eventing/hospitality sector

  • You have experience in team management

  • You have a good knowledge of poker in general and club poker in particular

  • You have good communication skills

  • You are capable of providing relevant and constructive feedback

  • You speak Dutch, with a good knowledge of English. French is a plus.

  • You are comfortable with computer tools.

  • You are well-organized and transmit this organization to your team

  • You pay attention to detail

  • You are capable of giving effective briefings

  • Your schedule will cover both office hours and evenings/weekends (the base is from 2 pm to 10 pm)


We offer a competitive, customized salary package. The package consists of the following elements:
  • Monthly gross salary

  • Compensations for expenses such as transport and telecom

  • Meal vouchers

  • Holiday and year-end bonus

  • Laptop

  • Company car based on job category and seniority

  • Participation in profits based on job category, seniority, and results

  • Free food & drinks

Practical information

Email us your CV and cover letter. Once we've reviewed your application, we will respond as soon as possible. We aim to respond to each application within 2 weeks.
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