pull marketing strategy

The challenge

Promote the new food offer

In the spring of 2023, poker club Pokahnights invested substantially in its catering services. The menu got a full makeover and extra manpower was hired to increase the quality of the food and service. The club was then faced with the question: how can we efficiently inform the 15.000 members about these new services available to them in the room?

summer of 2022



summer of 2023



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record EDITION

unique players 2023



summer of 2022


total prizepool

summer of 2023


total prizepool

The plan

Tailored marketing

To bring this challenge to a successful conclusion, we developed a tailor-made strategy for Pokahnights. Our plan was twofold. First, we adjusted the club's opening hours, then we launched a special 'Early Birds' summer promotion. As a result, many players came to the Pokahnights room earlier than usual: this was beneficial for the new food offering, for participation numbers, and for mouth-to-mouth communication in the poker community.

The execution

Crafted down to the smallest details

The Early Bird principle is simple to understand and a familiar concept for the poker community: if a player registers before the end of the first level, they automatically participate in a Last Longer competition. A Last Longer is a side bet between 2 or more players where the player who survives the longest in the tournament wins the prize. Pokahnights provided a guaranteed extra prize pool of €150 to €525 for the Last Longer every day, depending on how many players participated.

The results

Quadrupled results

The players are our main focus when we develop campaigns for Pokahnights. A room that is filled from the start of the event ensures a better experience for all players. The Early Birds campaign therefore had a positive impact on multiple KPIs of Pokahnights: food revenue, player experience, and prize pool. The campaign was very positively received by the players of Pokahnights. A record number of registrations for tournaments were regularly noted.