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About Concept Booth

Concept Booth is a full-scale 360° communication and concept agency with gaming in its DNA. We've built and manage various projects within the national and international poker sector. We're fans of digital marketing, branding, and content creation. Be sure to check the Concept Booth website for more inspiration.

Job description

You will be working for Concept Booth to create poker content for various projects we manage with the sector of poker.

For starters you will help answering following question: "What is good poker content?" After that you need to put those words into action: reels, interviews, snackable social media content, streaming sessions, live shows, poker concepts, articles, blogs, vlogs and any other useful content product you can think of.

Finally you are able to share this generated content using the different channels we use: social media, newsletters, websites, print & signage.

We are looking for 2 profiles, one Dutch-speaking and one French-speaking content creator. It goes without saying that you will be working together in a team and that you both have the necessary skills to speak and understand each other's language.

Is there a main project?

Actually yes, what is good poker content?

This is the main objective of your job within Concept Booth. If poker, content creation and social media are a big factor in your life, you must give us a call!

Some examples?

This year we have significantly scaled up our BOSS project. We will be creating content at different times throughout the whole year with a professional team, international players, winners, premium venues... in short, the full package. Our content creators are currently working on good storylines, writing great concepts and preparing the necessary scenarios.

If you are someone overflowing with creativity and poker hunger, then the above is just fun for you.

Or are you a programmer working for Studio Flatcallers? Are you the person who can create mini reels about poker suitable for digital distribution? Or are you the person who likes to watch a poker stream and get right to work the next day pushing several fun reels out of it?


  • the digital world has no secrets for you.

  • you are familiar with multiple social media networks and know perfectly how their applications work.

  • you know your way around all necessary computer features.

  • you are the definition of creativity.

  • you are enthusiastic and don't mind to show up in front of the camera once a while.

  • you have the right communication skills to work in a team.

  • you can easily see connections. You listen to what's going on in each department and you can effortlessly tie strings together to create great content.

  • you don't have to be a video engineer but you have the necessary feel and you can operate the obvious main stream tools to make nice clips.

  • you have the imagination to transform the twists and turns of creative minds into sleek solutions.

  • you are critical of yourself and strive for measurable results.

  • you can write without mistakes and you are able to put consistent texts on paper.

  • you don't have a 9 to 5 mentality


We offer a competitive, customized salary package. The package consists of the following elements:
  • Monthly gross salary

  • Compensations for expenses such as transport and telecom

  • Meal vouchers

  • Holiday and year-end bonus

  • Laptop

  • Company car based on job category and seniority

  • Participation in profits based on job category, seniority, and results

  • Free food & drinks

Practical information

Email us your CV and cover letter. Once we've reviewed your application, we will respond as soon as possible. We aim to respond to each application within 2 weeks.
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