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The challenge

Realise better newsletter conversions

The gaming sector is highly challenging, particularly in terms of communication, and is well regulated by the government. At Concept Booth, we're fully aware of this sector's guidelines and how to operate within them, while also delivering optimal results for our clients. This is how we implemented an effective mailing strategy within the context of a poker club.

Poker Club Pokahnights had been sending newsletters for an extended period. However, they noticed a lack of effectiveness in their strategy, leading to a relatively low open rate. Concept Booth came up with a tailor-made solution.

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The plan

Extra prizes via mail

In September 2023, the 'You've got mail' campaign was introduced, centered around a strong Call to Action: 'Open your mail and receive a ticket or a voucher.' Each newsletter dispatched during the campaign, which spanned from September to December, provided readers with the opportunity to spin a wheel and win various prizes. This was a nice way for Pokahnights to gamify their communication and create a strong connection with their specific audience.

The result

A consistent and coherent narrative

Once again, the community responded enthusiastically to the campaign. Winners actively shared their experiences on social networks, and they received a multitude of emails from players expressing their desire to be included in the mailing list.