• Fun

      We want to link your product or service to a fun experience based on our gamification insights! If we can move the relation with you clients to an emotional level, you have brand ambassadors with every new user.

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    • Funds

      Whether your activities are ‘for profit’ or ‘non profit’ you will need funds to reach your goals. Creating revenue through sales or generating donations from fundraising, we will always work with cost-efficient revenue models.

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  • Gamification

    We have over 10 years experience with gaming and entertainment. if something can be done while having fun, we prefer the fun-road. The possibilities are unlimited.

  • Digital Marketing

    Reach out to your audience using digital tools. They allow cost-efficiency, mass approach and fun interaction. It’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so much more.

  • Innovative fundraising

    Your donors are likely to be older and generous? What if a very large group of different profiles were to give a small amount? That’s perfectly possible with a immersive and interactive model.

  • Efficient revenues

    65% cash contribution in 3 years is our goal. It is ok to invest in a project but we also look at the business logic. So if we cannot draft a healthy financial plan, it’s a no go.

  • Concept

    Together we sculpt your idea’s into a solid business case

    • Business plan
    • Brand design
    • Moodboard
    • Market research
  • Design

    We have the right tools to visualize your dreams and expectations
    • Wireframing
    • Sketch & Invision
    • Blue prints
    • Visualization
  • Production

    We do the follow-up with your IT partner. Reduce your stress.
    • Sprint meetings
    • Project planning
    • Testing
    • Cross device
  • Marketing

    Our experience can push your brand to the next level.
    • Creative design
    • Communication plan
    • Social media
    • Analysis & forecasts
  • Implementation

    When everything is done, we can help you make it happen.
    • Interim management
    • Copywriting
    • Content creation
    • Graphics
  • Days of Poker, created by Concept Booth.

    We work for multiple clients in the different business areas. Check this demo case to discover what we can do for your brand.

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Our challenge

Days of Poker wants to create a new concept in the social gaming industry. All the activities of Days of Poker will be deployed in a highly regulated and competitive environment.

Our solution

Days of Poker will use the widely known OFC Pineapple game concept in a new context. The look ‘n’ feel of the brand is fresh and contemporary, the concept behind DoP can be attractive for tenthousend of players.

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Our tools

For every project it is highly recommended to create a detailed wireframe. With this approach our clients always have a perfect understanding of our input and ideas. In later phases this wireframing exercise is highly valuable for the development team.

  • Sketch gives us the power, flexibility and speed we need in a lightweight and easy-to-use package to create the best wireframes.

  • InVision glues your app or website to a first prototype. You will be able to cycle through your project before you even know who will develop it.

  • Material Design is a unified system that combines theory, resources, and tools for crafting digital experiences.

  • We work with different development companies.

    For Days of Poker we decided to create a native app for iOS and Android. The main technologies we use are ReactJS & React Native. We follow-up the entire development process with our international development teams. From sprint planning to testing, it is done by the Concept Booth team.

  • Tailor-made communication

    Days of Poker is a new project. We decided to take the necessary time for the roll out of this project. We will work with a pre-release phase, a bèta phase and a public release. Already during the pre-release phase we will engage players.

    Most frequent tools are social media, direct mailings, member-get-member approach, structural partnerships, sponsorships and event marketing. Days of Poker is a project for a niche audience so a specific approach is required.

  • Your marketing booth.

    We are not only in the market to create concepts or outline marketing plans. We also take care of day by day implementation of selected strategies. We create content, we manage social media, we provide user support, we design ads… we can become a part of your team.

    Marketing and management of Days of Poker is fully done by Concept Booth.

Early 2010 Kristof and Yves meet. Yves is running an online gaming company in the Benelux. Kristof is running the largest poker club in Belgium. Over the years they work together in many different ways. Client, supplier, partner, manager, party-friends. "Remember the Skybar in Vienna Kristof?” - “Sure, good thing I got you off the bar, Yves”

Today our joint experience results in an interesting company. Innovative marketing tools based on gamification aiming for every organisation that wants to increase revenues by addressing an unserved audience. Our business experience adds an element. We’re not in it for the quick money. We want to help you to make the difference.

We like working with these guys

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